In Solidarity with the Palestinian People

PhD researchers, LLM students, graduates, staff, as well as undergraduates of the Irish Centre for Human Rights or NUIG School of Law wishing to endorse and sign this statement can do so through this Google Form link until noon (Irish time) on Monday, 24 May 2021.

The Palestinian people have been rising up to challenge over a century of ongoing Zionist settler colonialism and the continued denial of their individual and collective rights since the beginning of the Nakba (‘catastrophe’) in 1948. Palestinians on both sides of the Green Line and in exile are reaffirming the unity of their struggle in the face of decades of colonial fragmentation, erasure, and dispossession.

As PhD researchers, LLM students, graduates, undergraduates, and staff of the Irish Centre for Human Rights and School of Law at the National University of Ireland, Galway, we recognise Israeli settler colonialism and apartheid over the Palestinian people as a whole. This recognition obligates us, as scholars and practitioners committed to fundamental human rights and the international rule of law, to bring attention to the reality on the ground.

We stand in solidarity with the indigenous Palestinian people and support their right of resistance to Israel’s regime of apartheid, settler colonialism, and occupation. We affirm that the latest Israeli assaults against the Palestinian people are neither ‘clashes’ nor a ‘civil war’ and must be understood within the broader context of colonial structural violence, since the start of and as a necessary consequence of Zionist settler colonisation of historic Palestine.

The protests taking place today across historic Palestine and throughout the rest of the world are a testament to the failure of Israeli fragmentation and evidence Palestinian determination to exercise their rights to self-determination and return. Now, Palestinian refugees are physically exercising their right of return by storming into their homeland from Jordan and Lebanon, where they have been exiled for the past seven decades. In this, we are reminded that decolonisation is not a metaphor.

Current attempts to uproot Palestinian families from the Jerusalem neighbourhood of Sheikh Jarrah have come to represent a microcosm of the ongoing Nakba and ethnic cleansing of Palestine. Attempts to resist this ongoing dispossession, have been met with Israeli military attacks against worshipers in Al-Aqsa mosque during the holy month of Ramadan, the suppression of protests on either side of the Green Line, the lynching of ‘48 Palestinians by Zionist settler mobs together with the Israeli police and with the full backing of the Israeli state, and the full-scale aerial bombardments of besieged Palestinians in the Gaza Strip, in what undoubtedly amounts to crimes under the Rome Statute.

We reaffirm this crucial contextualisation in the face of a Zionist narrative that has systematically sought to distort facts on the ground in order to shield Israeli perpetrators from accountability and to obscure the reality of its apartheid regime. Ireland was the first Western country to impose sanctions on the apartheid regime in South Africa, on foot of the Dunnes Stores strikes, and must take action against Israeli apartheid today.

As academics, researchers, and practitioners in international law and human rights, we undertake to combat narrations which facilitate the domination and oppression of the Palestinian people as a whole, both across historic Palestine and as refugees and exiles denied their right of return and strive to contribute to the Palestinian struggle for decolonisation and emancipation in our own work, research, and teaching.

In so doing, we stress that those best placed to educate on the question of Palestine are Palestinians, and that failing to centre their voices necessarily contributes to the continuation, and consolidation, of Zionist settler colonial erasure. In light of the above, and recalling the leadership of Ireland in opposing South African apartheid, we call on the Irish government to stand with Palestine and:

  1. Recognise that the Palestinian people as a whole are subjected to an apartheid regime within the meaning of the 1973 Apartheid Convention and 1998 Rome Statute, as increasingly recognised by states, including South Africa and Namibia, civil society, and UN experts, and that this regime has been constructed and continues to be maintained within the broader context of settler colonialism;

  2. Immediately support and adopt the Occupied Territories Bill, in line with Ireland’s obligations under international law, and immediately cease hiding behind secretive and unfounded concerns of unconstitutionality or incompatibility with European Union law, supposedly outlined in an Attorney General opinion;

  3. Take meaningful and effective steps, at the national, European, and international levels, including at the UN, to address and bring an end to the root causes of Palestinian oppression, including the illegal blockade, closure, and now relentless bombardment of the Gaza Strip, the prolonged occupation of the occupied Palestinian territory, including annexation of East Jerusalem, the expansion and maintenance of Israel’s illegal settlement enterprise, the denial of the fundamental rights of ‘48 Palestinians, the categorical denial of the right of return of Palestinian refugees, and so on; in particular, we call upon Ireland to impose targeted sanctions on Israel until the inalienable and fundamental rights of the Palestinian people as a whole are realised, in their entirety;

  4. Leverage its position as a member of the UN Security Council and EU to push for immediate and mandatory sanctions on Israel, both under Chapter VII of the UN Charter and the relevant mechanisms at the disposal of the EU;

  5. Uphold the rights to freedom of expression, protest, and to engage in boycotts; mindful of the decision of the French government to impose a blanket ban on protests in solidarity with the Palestinian people, it is imperative that Ireland ensures that all persons living in Ireland have the full and unconditional right to voice their support for Palestine, and are not subjected to either direct or indirect hindrances from the state in this regard; and

  6. Reaffirm its unconditional support for the Office of the Prosecutor of the International Criminal Court in its ongoing investigation into the commission of suspected war crimes and crimes against humanity in the occupied Palestinian territory, including the crime against humanity of apartheid, and urge the Office to undertake this task swiftly, with a view of bringing those most responsible of such crimes, whether they are members of the Israeli civilian or military hierarchies, to trial in The Hague.

To our colleagues in Galway, elsewhere in Ireland, and abroad, we urge you to show and voice your solidarity with the Palestinian people, including by contributing to shifting the narrative on Palestine from that of ‘Israeli self-defence’ in a conflict too ‘complex’ to understand, to one which more accurately captures the reality on the ground: a settler colonial and apartheid regime imposed on and designed to erase the Palestinian people.

We support and endorse the day of action in solidarity with the Palestinian uprising and general strike called for by the Palestinian people as a whole today, Tuesday, 18 May 2021. We urge you to engage with social media and in-person campaigns and events, while respecting social distancing, to lend your support to Palestinian civil society and grassroots organisations working on the ground, in particular in Gaza, and to amplify their voices and coverage of the ongoing Nakba with a view to bringing it to an end.

For more information, see:

List of signatures:

  1. Aaleen Khalid
  2. Adam Spollen (he/him)
  3. Ailidh Robinson (she/her)
  4. Áine Smyth
  5. Aisling O’Reilly (she/her)
  6. Alaghodaro Obayuwana
  7. Alayna Small (she/her)
  8. Alex Coughlan (they/them)
  9. Alice Abboud, EdD
  10. Allison O’ Mara
  11. Allison West
  12. Amanda Morrison (she/her)
  13. Amanda Poitras
  14. Amanie Issa
  15. Amber Shortt
  16. Amina Adanan (she/her)
  17. Andrea Quinlan
  18. Andrea Spak (she/her)
  19. Andrew Bollard
  20. Anish Saha (he/him)
  21. Anka Maric
  22. Annabelle Comer-Halliwell (she/her)
  23. Anna Deery
  24. Anna Maria Mullally
  25. Anna Sparynska
  26. Anne-Marie Hearne (she)
  27. Annie Lovisetto (she/her)
  28. Annmarie Townsend (she/her)
  29. Antoni Mansilla (he/him)
  30. Aoife Daly
  31. Aoife Ni Dhonaile
  32. Aoife O Donoghue
  33. Aoife Price
  34. Aouda Zbeidy
  35. Aseel Ghaben (she)
  36. Beatrice Canossi (she/her)
  37. Belen González Del Amo
  38. Ben Creaven
  39. Benjamin Gaches
  40. Bethany Alhaidari
  41. Bridget Geoghegan (she/her)
  42. Bríd Sheehan
  43. Bróna McDermott (she/her)
  44. Brosnan Miss
  45. Caitlin McLaughlin (she/her)
  46. Caroline Sweeney
  47. Cassandra Murtagh (she/her)
  48. Catherine Joyce (she/her)
  49. Chantelle McInern
  50. Charity A. A. Boateng (she/her)
  51. Christina Challis (she/her)
  52. Cian Mac Gearailt (sé/é)
  53. Ciara Murphy (she/her)
  54. Ciaran Wallace
  55. Ciara Otway
  56. Claire Raissian
  57. Cllr. Owen Hanley (he/him)
  58. Clodagh Holland
  59. Clodagh Mckenna (she/her)
  60. C Martin
  61. Colette G. St-Onge (she/her)
  62. Conall Maguire
  63. Cristina García Garrido (she)
  64. Daisy Nabasitu
  65. Dáithí Byrne (he/him)
  66. Deborah Lawson
  67. Diadeen Ahmed
  68. Dillon McMahon (he/him)
  69. Dr Anita Ferrara
  70. Dr Edel Hughes (she/her)
  71. Dr Hasret Cetinkaya
  72. Dr Michelle Farrell
  73. Dr Noemi Magugliani (she/they)
  74. Dr Sandra Duffy (she/they)
  75. Dr Susan Power
  76. Éamonn Meehan
  77. Eilidh McGowan (she/her)
  78. Eleanor McNamara (she/her)
  79. Elise Fabre
  80. Elizabeth Durón Coppola
  81. Elizabeth Kennedy
  82. Elizabeth Murray
  83. Ellen Donohoe (she/her)
  84. Ellen Goodwin (she/her)
  85. Emily Hart
  86. Emily O’Reilly (she/her)
  87. Emma Kelly
  88. Emma Rose Sheridan (she/her)
  89. Eoghan (John) Finn (he/him)
  90. Erika Hayes
  91. Faten Alsourani (she/her)
  92. Fatima Sawan
  93. Favour Offia (he/him)
  94. Flavia Castro
  95. Francesca Stramare (she/her)
  96. Frank Wall
  97. Gabrielle Nava (she/her/hers)
  98. Gerry Liston (he/him)
  99. Gill Quinn (she/her)
  100. Grace Carolan (she/her)
  101. Gráinne Nì Chonchúir
  102. Haley Myatt (she/her)
  103. Hannah Callaghan she/her
  104. Hanorah Hardy (she/her)
  105. Hayley Mulligan
  106. Hirohiko Katayama
  107. Holly Lingwood (she/her)
  108. Isaac Mackin Gray (he/him)
  109. Ishani Cordeiro
  110. Isla Brennan
  111. James Conroy
  112. Jane Finn (her/she)
  113. Jane O’Sullivan
  114. Jeanne Barret
  115. Jenny Conroy
  116. Jenny Ni Bhaolain
  117. Jeremy Bingham
  118. Jessica Howard (she/they) 
  119. John Condon
  120. John Reynolds
  121. John Whyte
  122. José Henríquez Leiva
  123. Joseph Loughnane
  124. Joseph Powderly
  125. Judit Villena Rodó (she/her)
  126. Kaia Dorrity (she/her)
  127. Kate Bermingham
  128. Kate Mac Sweeney (she/her)
  129. Kate Muldowney
  130. Kate O’Sullivan (she/her)
  131. Katey Tolan (she/her)
  132. Katie Delapp
  133. Keelin Barry (she/her)
  134. Kelsey Rhude (she/her)
  135. Kerry Lawless (she/her)
  136. Kevin Clarke
  137. Kieran Danfulani
  138. Kiersten McMahon
  139. Kim Brewster
  140. Koshiki Tanaka (She/Her)
  141. Lauren Burke
  142. Linn Cedervall (she)
  143. Lisa Hughes
  144. Lorna Ni Shuilleabhain (she)
  145. Louise Barbazanges (she/her)
  146. Maëlle Noir (she/her)
  147. Maeve O’Rourke
  148. Maha Abdallah (she/her)
  149. Mairéad O’Driscoll (she/her)
  150. Manon Hubert
  151. Maria Ni Fhlatharta (she/her)
  152. Marie-Anne Michel
  153. Marie Dilinger (she/her)
  154. Marie Flynn (she/her)
  155. Mary Cosgrove (she/her)
  156. Méabh Temple (she/her)
  157. Mohamed Elsayeh
  158. Mohammad Shafiq
  159. Muireann O’Sullivan (they/them)
  160. Nadia Quinn Sciascia
  161. Natalya Pestova
  162. Niamh Keady-Tabbal (she/her)
  163. Nicola Circelli
  164. Nicolas de Wergifosse
  165. Nikola Davis (she)
  166. Nourhan Assad
  167. Oliver Harte
  168. Oliver Heffernan (he/him)
  169. Orla White (she/her)
  170. Owen Moriba Momoh KaiCombey (he/him/his)
  171. Padma Dolma
  172. Patrick McGee
  173. Paul Fallon
  174. Pauline Hasdenteufel (she/her)
  175. Pauline Pfaff
  176. Pearce Clancy (he/him)
  177. Peter Magliocco (he/him)
  178. Philip Collins
  179. Poonam Shokar (she/her)
  180. Prisca Chipao (she/her)
  181. Rachel Meaney (she/her)
  182. Rachel Reynolds
  183. Rania Muhareb (she/her)
  184. Rebecca Naous
  185. Reem Mujadedi
  186. Reshma Das
  187. Rhonda Ferguson
  188. Riaz
  189. Roisin Burke
  190. Roisin Marie Flynn
  191. Róisín McGrath
  192. Rosie Darragh
  193. Ross Fitzpatrick (he/him)
  194. Rowan Hickie (she/her)
  195. Sally Anne Corcoran
  196. Samantha Aglae
  197. Sam Crowell (he/they)
  198. Sarah Corsini (she/her)
  199. Sarah Freyne
  200. Saranne Hogan
  201. Semiha Elif Yararbaş (she/her)
  202. Shane Darcy
  203. Shannon McCrossan
  204. Sheba Gray
  205. Sheila Goojha
  206. Siddhi Joshi
  207. Sien Crivits (she/her)
  208. Sinead Conaty
  209. Sinead Corcoran (she/her)
  210. Síofra Mac Mahon
  211. S Mac Sweeney
  212. Sorcha Gilheany (she/her)
  213. Stefano Angeleri
  214. Steven Silke (he/him)
  215. Suhail Ahmad
  216. Susie Kiely
  217. Tahseen Elayyan
  218. Tamara Doyle (she/her)
  219. Teresa Goojha
  220. Tessa Lambrich
  221. Thamil Venthan Ananthavinayagan
  222. Thomas Wilkinson
  223. Tomás Carlos Biggins (he/him)
  224. Úna Reynolds (she/her)
  225. Vanina Trojan
  226. Warsame Ali Garare
  227. Wasekera Chiphazi Banda (she/her)
  228. Wesam Ahmad – Owies
  229. Yassin Osman (he/him)
  230. Zita Mahmood
  231. Zora Tokhi

19 people endorsed this statement anonymously.

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